Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Shorts Walks around New Denver

These walks or hikes are about than an hour each way. They are all "must do" trails.

1. Idaho Peak.
Incredible alpine walk to the old fire lookout overlooking the Slocan Lake above New Denver, Silverton and Sandon. Open from late July/early August until the first snow in the mountains. Plan on at least an hour drive each way, 2 hours for the walk and visit the Sandon Museum for another hour on your way.

2. Molly Hughes Cabin
Old mine trail follows Slocan lakeshore departing from Bigelow Bay in New Denver. Pleasant walk about 20 meters above the lakeshore for about 30 minutes. Great views of Lake and Valhalla mountains from vicinity of Molly Hughes Cabin. Beach accessible at end of walk. Easily accessible for a quick morning or evening walk.

3. Bannock Point Trail
A beautiful walk through the forests above Slocan Lake and ending after 40 minutes or so on a steep rocky bluff 200m overlooking the Slocan Lake. 2km south of Silverton an unmarked dirt road turns right and goes downhill to the gravel pit. Below the gravel pit there is Forestry signs and display maps of the trail and camping area at popular Bannock Pt.

4. Galena Trail
This might be the most famous trail in New Denver and popular with all ages for hiking, running and biking. Drive to the top of the Galena trail at the junction of Hwy 31a and Sandon Rd. Walk the wide and well maintained Galena Trail about 2km to the well photographed Cable Car crossing. Ride the cable car and return to your car. A more adventurous return trip involves a short steep hike through the  ruins of the Alamo Mine at the cable car site to the old Sandon Rd and continuing left back to the car.

5. New Denver - Mori Trail, Bellevue St and Carpenter Creek.
Everyone walks around New Denver looking at the shops, houses and the views of the Valhallas, Slocan Lake and Idaho Peak. A nice loop can be made by parking on 6th Ave ( Main St ) and walking Kildare St to Bellevue and dropping onto the Mori Lakeside Trail and then back up again whenever the mood takes you. Continue along the lakeshore until blocked by Carpenter Creek and follow the trail along the creek and return to your car.

6. Wilson Creek Falls
Hidden in the thick forest and canyons crashes this 30 meter waterfall. A large volume of water is always flowing down the Wilson Creek sending lots of mist into air keeping the area cool even on the hottest days. Follow East Wilson Creek FSR 10km and stopping before the bridge over Wilson Ck. The road is signposted on the right and gets a bit rougher and steeper to the trailhead 1 km away. Plan on 45 minutes each way.

7. Nemo Creek or Wee Sandy Creek Waterfalls
You need a boat for these ones as they are located on the other side of the Slocan Lake in the Valhalla Provincial Park. 30-40 minutes in a canoe or 10-20 minutes in a motor boat will get you there. The walks are as short as 5 minutes. Wee Sandy is a rocky beach perfect for skipping stones and Nemo Creek is a beautiful sandy beach. A 30 minute loop at Nemo gets to the upper falls which is well worth it. A 20 minute trail at Wee Sandy on the south end of the beach gets to a scenic overlook.

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