Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Molly Hughes Trail

Looking back at New Denver from beach at end of trail.
This short 20-40 minute trail is a must do for everyone visiting New Denver. Starting from the Bigelow Bay parking area at the end of Kildare St on the north side of town the trail follows an old mining trail to the Molly Hughes Mine. The trail is 20 meters or so above the lakeshore with beautiful views all the time. There must have been a couple of portals for the mine as there are mine tailings above the trail and also a portal down a the lake level where a dock was created for loading ore directly on to the paddlewheelers for transport to the Trail smelter. I believe the trail crosses private land in the vicinity of the Molly Hughes Cabin. After the mine the trail wanders down to the beach. It might appear that it could be private land however stay close to the beach and you will be on public land.

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