Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Galena Trail from New Denver to Three Forks

This is probably the most popular trail in New Denver. The trail follows the path of the old CPR Roseberry to Sandon railway line. There is a one-man cable car crossing across Carpenter Creek. It is popular with young and old, slow and fast, hikers and bikers and it the ending for numerous other trails coming down Idaho Peak including the Alamo Trail. Makes a nice loop with the Old Sandon Road located on the other side of the creek. 30-60 minutes up on a bike or 2-3 hours hike. Useful to have two cars to shuttle, or some people hike down from Three Forks to the cable car and then return, or some head uphill from the cable car crossing through the old Alamo Mine site to the Old Sandon Road and return to Three Forks that way. Lots and lots of fun options. Well signposted from highway and some signposts on trail. More information available from Visitors Center at the museum/old Bank of Montreal in New Denver

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