Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mori LakeShore Walk

With the lake levels high and a little two year old who loves to throw rocks I've been walking the Mori Lakeshore walk very frequently this spring. There are so many combinations of this lovely trail located right within New Denver that it can be done as a half day hike or just a quick jaunt down to a beach.
There are a series of marked and unmarked access points all along the foreshore from Bellevue St on the north end of town. Some of the trails are quite steep or have steep stairs although the trail access closer to Carpenter creek are very easy. The trail essentially walks along the shore of the lake within the town of New Denver. For a longer walk continue up the creek to cross the bridge and walk back down the creek and continue to the marine, campground, dock, Kohan Garden and perhaps visit the Nikkei Memorial Center on your way back.

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