Thursday, August 14, 2008

Retallack-Reco-Sandon-IdahoPk-New Denver

Two classic New Denver peaks with roads almost to their top with awesome big bike descents. Andrew Gross from Rossland is a mountain biking animal and so I knew he would get a kick out a day cruising up and down this Kootenay Classic. Starting out at Retallack at around 9 am we rode up Stinson Creek logging / mining road to the pass at the end of the valley. Strolled up the ridge for the fantastic views from the summit of Mt. Reco. Back down the ridge, hopped on the bikes for the 1500m descent down to Sandon. Had a snack at the "Prospector's Pick" and then back on the bikes for the 12km up the Idaho Peak Road and then down the Old Alamo Road for the 1600m descent down to New Denver. Probably around 50-60km and 3100m of climbing and descending. Beautiful views and wildflowers. The attached photo is from the summit of Reco with the summit of Idaho Peak at the top of the picture and Slocan Lake at the valley bottom. Nice ride.

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