Friday, September 09, 2016

Bannock Point Campground

Very popular hike or boat in campsite located just south of Silverton. Access is not marked from the highway but is 2.4 km from Silverton or .6 km from the top of the Silverton hill lookout. The only turn off on the road heading west and goes down 1km to the gravel pit. Drive through gravel pit into the forest 100m where you will find parking area and map and further information. Trails from here go to Bannock Point campground and Bannock Lookout Trail. 20 or so campgrounds and picnic area. Also accessible from the water by boat. Very popular campsite and picnic area on the shores of slocan lake. 15 minutes or so fairly steep trail to campground and the lake. Awesome spot. No bear proof food storage facilities.

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