Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kootenay Rockies - Bike Vacations

The latest Kootenay Rockies Bike Vacations guide is out and available as a PDF download. Here is what they have to say about New Denver.

New Denver's Idaho Peak is an enduro/freeride paradise, affording some of the best views via mountain bike in the province. The iconic Wakefield trail, which drops right off from the Idaho Peak parking lot, and Sundown, which drops in just before the 9km mark on the Idaho Peak access road, are both incredibly long, smooth downhill tracks that can easily be shuttled or climbed and descended on smaller travel bikes. Both offer options as you descend, hooking up with Choices and Alamo, two New Denver classics. Contact Wilds of Canada Cycles for shuttle services or directions.

Cross-Country / All-Mountain
New Denver has over 64km (40mi) of trail maintained by local volunteers. In many cases, trail networks showcase the pioneer past of both villages. In once prosperous cities like Sandon, cycling routes follow old telegraph lines and wagon trails. Other cross-country tracks zip along old miners' routes and rawhike trails that are perfectly dished out, thanks to horses that used to drag rawhide sacks laden with ore. The New Denver/Roseberry/Sandon area is ripe with trails so make sure to pickup the latest edition of New Denver Mountain Bike Trails Map.

Road Touring
With vistas galore, challenging ascents and thrilling downhills, the roadways winding through Kootenay Lake and the Slocan Valley are becoming famous for their road riding routes. Highways cicumnavigate idyllic tracts of wilderness and boast beautiful rest stops, ample accommodation in the way of historic hotels, charming B&B's and well-kept camgrounds, as well as hot springs at Ainsowrth, Nakusp and Halcyon. Highlight include the 217km Silvery Slocan Loop..... and the adventurous paved and gravel 242km Trout Lake Loop.....

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