Thursday, July 23, 2009

Idaho Peak Road Still Closed

It will be a couple more days until the snow is clear from the Idaho Peak Road at KM10. An avalanche last winter dropped snow and trees on the road in Wildgoose Basin. Some moterbikes made it through today but there is still 5m of snow to clear and some small trees and one large tree to clear from the road. Someone will need a chainsaw and a big truck and chains to pull the tree off the road. On the flipside the hike from the basin is incredible with an awesome display of wildflowers from the meadow all the way to the peak on both north and south facing aspects.


Ben said...

Can anyone give me an update on the status of the Idaho Peak road closure as of August 5th 2009?

Trevor said...

The road is now open.

Ben said...

Thanks for that Trevor. I hear there is a second trail from the Peak that is a great mountain bike ride. I am familiar with the Wakefield trail, what is the other one called and where does it end up?

thanks for your help


Anonymous said...

There is a google earth image with some trails at

or check with Rob at the bike store in New Denver